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ISAL Moisture Cream made in USA

<아이살 아토피 약초 보습 크림>



Before n After

ISAL Moisturizing Herb Cream for


(소아및 성인 아토피성 피부, 지루성피부염,

습진, 건선, 피부 가려움증, 문제성 피부질환)

-Relief Itchy within one day(가려움 제거)

-Free Second Infection(2차 세균오염 방지)

-Fast Healing(빠른 효과)

-Proven Natural Herbal Extract(천연 약초추출물)


***Your Satisfaction Guaranteed !!!



약초보습크림은 각종 피부질환에

우수한 효과를 보증합니다.

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ID betgoldkr

Korea  010-3340-6659

US        213-798-6659

한국에서 주문하시는분은 카톡 또010-3340 받는분


US and Oversea Order at Ebay site.

(미국내 또는 해외구매)

Buy One at $49.99 Click Below

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# 한국 구매고객 안내? Korea Customer Order

한국에서 구매( Korean Buyer)

한국은 미국에서 항공택배로 보네드리며 4-5일 소요됩니다.

*한개 구매시 60,000원과 택배비 4,000원 총 64,000원입니다.

*3개 단위로 구매시 150,000원과 택배비 4,000원 총 154,000원 입니다.


입금후 문자나 카톡으로 

받으시는분 성함,주소,전화번호 알려주세요

한국의경우는 개인통관번호 필수입니다.



미국 0011-213-798-6659

한국 010-3340-6659



카카오뱅크 ;3333-12-0238830




<한국에서 원화로 주문하시는 방법>

*한개 주문----------64,000원/개 (배송비 포함)

*3개 묶음 주문---154,000원/3개 (배송비 포함)

*기타 수량은 3개묶음주문과 동일한 가격입니다.


*주문방법---입금후아래 사항을 카톡이나 메일로 알려주세요

1.한글 주소


2.한국 전화번호

4.개인통관번호 필수

상기 정보를 이메일 comyang01@gmail.com

또는 문자로(010-3340-6659) 알려주세요.

카톡아이디-bestgold로 카톡 보네 주세요.

5.발송후 송장번호를 카톡이나 문자로 알려드립니다.



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(취급가능 업종은 약국,스킨케어,미용실,한의원,병의원등 피부미용 관련업종에 종사하시는분)

이메일 ; comyang01@gmail.com

전화 ; 미국 0011-213-798-6659

           한국 010-3340-6659



ISAL Skin Herbal Cream-Made in U.S.A

ISal Cream with Miracle Result!!! (20 g/0.7 Oz)


(소아및 성인 아토피성 피부, 지루성피부염, 습진, 건선, 피부 가려움증, 문제성 피부질환)

-Relief Itchy within one day(가려움 제거)

-Free Second Infection(2차 세균오염 방지)

-Fast Healing(빠른 효과)

-Natural Herbal Extract(천연 약초추출물)

***Your Satisfaction Guaranteed !!!


Buy Now Price $49.99/(Reg $75.00)

Size is 20g/0.7oz   Made in USA.


Trustable for Being Made from Nature

Made from Pure Herbal Extracts

I SAL Moisturizing Cream

Atopy Can Be Cured Only By Nature!


-No More Itchiness.

-No Scratch.

-No Second Infection.

-Fast Healing


Hello and welcome to the Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream blog!

Many people suffer from atopic skin conditions, and this suffering can affect not only their skin health but also their daily lives. Let's explore how Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream can help you regain and maintain skin health.


Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream: Soothing and Protecting Your Skin

Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream is one of the products that can be a great help to those with atopic skin. This product plays a role in soothing and protecting the skin. Atopic skin tends to lose moisture faster than healthy skin, leading to symptoms like itching, rashes, and skin dryness. Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream helps alleviate these symptoms and replenishes the skin's moisture.


What Sets Our Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream Apart

How does Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream differ from other products? Here's why it's unique:

  1. The Power of Herbs: Our Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream is made with rich herbal extracts. These herbs contribute to skin soothing and promote skin health.
  2. Moisture Supply: Special ingredients are included to help supply moisture to the skin. This helps keep the skin healthy and hydrated.
  3. Soothing Effect: Ingredients in the cream help alleviate the itching and rashes associated with atopic skin, providing a soothing effect.
  4. Skin Protection: The cream protects the skin from external environmental factors, promotes skin regeneration, and shields against external irritants.

How to Use Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream

Our Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream is incredibly easy to use. Here's how to apply it:

  1. Cleanse your skin with lukewarm water, gently patting it dry.
  2. Apply the Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream to your slightly dry skin.
  3. Gently massage the cream into your skin until it's absorbed.
  4. For best results, use it in the morning and evening daily.

Believe in Skin Health with Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream

Atopic skin requires soothing and protection. Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream is here to help you maintain healthy skin and support your radiant smile. We thank you for choosing our product for your skin health.

If you have more questions or need additional information about our products, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you!

Atopic Herbal Moisturizing Cream Team


Characteristics of I SAL Cream

-Shows a fast effect-itch almost disappears within 2 days.

-No side effects at all because it is made from natural herb extracts.

-Penetrates deep into skin, which maximizes moisturization & keeps the moisture well balanced.

-Recovers rough & cracked skin to moist and smooth skin and rejuvenates skin problems.

-Betters various malign and makes affected parts disappear.

-Uses only organic herbs : Tested by the laboratory approved by DOHS(department of health & safety, California),

proved to be “safe for use” with no agricultural pesticidal ingredients and registered

with food & drug agency of United States.


100% Natural Herbal Ingredients

This product brings a treatment without Steroids,Heavy Metals or other harmful Ingredients.

All users have reported 100% eradication of all Symptoms.

There are No known Side Effects or Allergic Reactions associated with this highly successful treatment.


We recommend ISAL Cream to these peoples.

-Children & adults suffering from Atopic and other skin problem.

-Can’t sleep due to itchy skin.

-Suffering from malignant skin diseases (Atopy,Eczema, Psoriasis, Itch, etc ).

-Suffering from skin allergy due to polluted environment and food.

-Have tried various medicines, but failed to get any good effect.


* How To Use :

-Apply it lightly to skin 2-3 times a day.

-Refrain from spicy or greasy food if possible.

*Caution for Use :

-Don’t apply around eyes or wounded part.

-Keep the cap closed after use.

-Keep out of reach of children.

-Don’t use for sensitive skin.


Herbal Natural FORMULA

*Arctostaphyos Uva Ursi Leaf Extract

*Camellia Sinensis Extract

*Glycyrhiza Glaba(Licorice) Root Extract

*Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

*Phellodendron Amurense Bark Extract

*Panax Ginseng Root Extract

*Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract

*Bistort Extract




Please note:

*This pleasant moisturizing cream does not contain steroids nor any coal or pine tars.

*Psoriasis and Eczema are external manifestations of an internal condition.

*We highly recommend you work with a natural healthcare practitioner to help resolve this condition.

There are many types of skin conditions, and what works for one individual may not work for others.












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